When it’s Time to Ask a Content Marketing Agency for Help

When it’s Time to Ask a Content Marketing Agency for Help

January 13, 2015

Because you don’t have to do it all yourself

The next time someone asks you why your blog hasn’t been updated since May 2013, you might punch something. Or someone. There’s barely enough time for showering let alone keeping a blog up to date as well.

If you feel guilty about the state of your business’ content marketing, don’t fret. You’re not alone. The increasing dominance of content marketing all over the internet often brings with it overwhelming feelings of failure for many businesses in equal measures, simply because they just can’t fit it in.

But fret not. While God may have only given us 24 hours in a day, He also gave us content marketing agencies. Worried you’re slacking on the content marketing front? Maybe it’s time to ask a content marketing agency for help.

You just don’t have time to do it yourself.

Let’s not beat around the bush here: creating regular content takes time. It’s not just a case of writing whatever comes to mind then publishing it online and magically seeing results; content creation involves strategy, planning and a lot of research – and that’s before the writing even starts. That’s where a content marketing agency can come to your rescue. Outsourcing your content marketing strategy and implementation to a content marketing agency will free you up for the things you need to be focused on – like running your business.

No one in your company has the skills to do it.

If your company is just learning about digital marketing and therefore doesn’t have a lot of experience or knowledge, a content marketing agency will produce great content that gives you great results too. Whether you need a hand with SEO-driven copy or you’re just stuck for ideas, a content marketing agency is a great start for flexible content marketing services when you don’t have inhouse content marketing resources.

You don’t want to hire someone to do it fulltime.

The beauty of hiring a content marketing agency to produce high-quality relevant content for your audience is that you don’t need to hire them to do it for you fulltime. Maybe you’re just after a couple of blog posts a week and some social media support. For a business that’s very consumer-focused like a big brand or tourism outlet, it’s probably a good idea to look at hiring a fulltime resource. But for a company that’s just starting out on the content marketing front or has less of a consumer-facing profile like an accounting firm or a small business, a content marketing agency will do the work for you, when you need it.

You’ve only just started out in business so you need a flexible marketing plan.

For those brave companies who’ve just started out, a content marketing agency could be perfect while you find your feet in the business world. While you’re still growing, you might not be able to afford to hire fulltime staff, and your income might be pretty haphazard. Regardless of size, though, content marketing is still one of the best ways to establish yourself on the webisphere. Pay a content marketing agency a flexible retainer to create a customised content marketing strategy that will help you gain exposure and prove that you know what you’re talking about, even if you’re only just starting. A content marketing agency can help you with everything from web copy, blogging, social media, press releases, case studies and copywriting.

You’re a business professional who wants to build your reputation.

If you’re a CEO or business professional who’s looking to increase industry trust, hiring a content marketing agency as a ghostwriter will let you focus on networking while maintaining your digital presence. A ghostwriter’s role is to write valuable content on behalf of someone else, with the opinions and voice of the person they’re writing for. If you hire a ghostwriter, make sure you give them a couple of trial pieces to work on first to ensure their style, tone and content suits yours, and always ask them to sign a confidentially agreement.

Looking for a content marketing agency?

Stop the hunt. Lingo is an all-encompassing content marketing agency that offers a wide range of content marketing services, including blogging and editorial writing, web copy for new or revamped websites, copywriting and social media support. If your business needs content marketing direction and implementation this year, contact the friendly Lingo team today – we love to chat.

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