Scriptwriting for Video: Cutting Through the Noise

Scriptwriting for Video: Cutting Through the Noise

June 14, 2018

The Quality of Your Scriptwriting Will Make or Break the Success of Your Video

If you’re anything like me, The Handmaid’s Tale is appointment viewing every Thursday night on Lightbox (tell me: how did she get that grenade??). Watching Instagram stories of friends and complete strangers who I imagine are my friends has become a pre-bed ritual. I’m pretty time-poor so a lot of the news I consume is via video on my social media feeds. And with my brother and best friends now living in London, intercontinental video calling has become more common than talking on a landline.

Video consumption has become one of those things that makes us wonder how we functioned before it existed. We use video to connect with people (to disconnect from people), to entertain, to shock and to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the world. Because it’s part of just about every facet of our lives it makes sense that businesses come to the video party too, because if their customers readily consume video in every other part of their life, why wouldn’t a business communicate to them via video too?

Animated explainer videos

An animated video is a great way to communicate an idea to your customers, particularly if that idea is a bit complicated. A great animated video keeps viewers entertained (even if the subject matter is a bloody boring) because of its unique combination of smart writing and engaging animation. But it doesn’t matter how great it looks, the foundation of a great animated video always comes down to great scriptwriting and creative direction.

Scriptwriting for animation and creative direction go hand in hand, but the process is much trickier than simply writing a story. The beauty of animation is that there are two streams of communication: the verbal and the visual. A video scriptwriter will write a story but at the same time imagine how the visuals can complement it, which means two different – simple – lines of communication that join forces to create a powerful story.

Payment Express scriptwriting case study

Payment Express wanted to create a video that demystified the finance industry and gave their customers some certainty around simplicity, security and global recognition. Let’s be honest: payment providers aren’t particularly sexy. Payment Express wanted to retain their level of professionalism while communicating with small and medium businesses with language that grabbed them – here’s the video Lingo helped pull together for them.

The Food & Grocery Council scriptwriting case study

The Food & Grocery Council faced a unique – and a bit weird – problem. Too many people flush stuff down the toilet that just shouldn’t be down there, like baby wipes, makeup removal wipes and tampons. As a result, our sewers get blocked with ‘fatbergs’ which can cause major problems for our infrastructure and environment (and no one likes overflowing loos). Lingo worked with the Food & Grocery Council to write a script that was packed with information, relatability and humour – here it is.

Pope & Co. Mortgages scriptwriting case study

Applying for a mortgage can be scary. Pope & Co. Mortgages wanted to create a fun, engaging explainer video that took the fear out of making one of the biggest purchases of a person’s life. Lingo helped the Pope & Co. team create an easy-to-understand script filled with relatable information that would help the average house-hunter get into a home – check it out.

If you’re in the market for a video for your business, Lingo is a great place to start. We partner with some of the best video production companies in the country to create high-quality animated explainer videos that set them apart from the pack. To find out how Lingo could help with your next video, get in touch today.

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