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How to Keep Your Facebook Page Looking Sexy

September 03, 2014

OK, so it doesn’t actually come down to sex-appeal, but it is important to keep your Facebook page – and any other social media pages you have on the go – up-to-date and looking as awesome as possible. Why? Well, it’s pretty simple really: if your Facebook page is boring and disengaging, no one’s going to pay attention to it. Except your father-in-law.

So how to you make the jump from lame to fame? Here are a few helpful hints about turning your Facebook page into the most exciting place to be online.

  1. Develop a social media strategy. Remember back in school when your teacher would ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up and you replied “I want to be an astro-fire-trapeze artist”? Creating a social media strategy is a bit like that: you’ve got to set goals, and you’ve got to dream big. First, figure out who it is you’re trying to target. What one group of people like is going to be completely different to another. Second, develop a plan. What are you going to post, and when? What kinds of posts align with what your business believes in? What’s happening this weekend that your Facebook page can piggy-back? If your plan is simply to post a pic whenever you see something awesome, your results are probably going to be a bit hit or miss. Third, invest some money into expanding your fan base. It’s becoming more and more difficult to get your posts in front of more eyes unless you pay, so use this to your advantage and attract more people to your page, like honey to a bee (that’s you for me). You don’t need a fortune; just smart small. Have no idea where to start with a social media strategy? Contact Lingo.
  2. Create a tone. Once you’ve established your strategy, create a social media tone, then stick with it across all of your social platforms. Your social tone doesn’t have to strictly align with the tone of your business, because social media, by definition, is much more informal and conversational than older marketing platforms. You do need to find a balance, though. If your business is targeting first-time mums but your social tone is very blokey, you’ve missed the boat a bit.
  3. Post regularly. But don’t spam. Treat your social audience like your significant other. Hang out with him/her/Facebook regularly. Commit some quality time to investing in your relationship. And understand that if you don’t spend time with each other, you’re probably going to drift apart. On the flipside, don’t smother him/her/Facebook because your audience will get very sick of you, very quickly. The ideal post frequency is anywhere between once and three times a day, depending on how big your audience is and what your business offers. If you have other social media platforms that are also linked to your Facebook page, treat those shares as one post each.
  4. Give your audience a reason to like you. Think about how you like to use social media. Chances are, you use it to stay in touch with your friends, to like funny memes, to watch hilarious cat videos. If you’re in the business of selling stuff, then, it’s important you encourage people to interact with you similarly. Don’t just push your services out to people and expect them to bite; give them something to keep them coming back to you for more. Maybe that’s in the form of competitions or surveys. Maybe you focus on posting funny memes and cat videos while loosely linking them back to your services. Remember that your social media audience wants to have fun, so you should too.
  5. Hire someone to manage your social media platforms. Five years ago, a social media strategist didn’t even exist. These days, they’re essential. Get alongside someone who knows a thing or two about social media and where it’s heading, then let them unleash a world of creative development across your social media platforms. Trust that they’ll do it right, too. There are no rules about doing social media well, but there are ways to keep your audience engaged. And if you consistently don’t keep them engaged, you potentially need to ask yourself why you’re even bothering.

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