Why You Should Hire a Freelance Copywriter instead of Doing it Yourself

Hire a Freelance Copywriter – Don’t Do It Yourself

June 07, 2018

A Freelance Copywriter Will Save You Money – No Jokes

We Kiwis were born to DIY – according to Mitre 10, it’s in our DNA. But if you’ve ever gotten halfway through sanding the exterior of your house and wondered if your wife would notice if you gave up now, you’ll agree that doing it yourself sometimes just isn’t worth the hassle – or the cost.

Many people think that DIY is cheaper than paying a professional. But in most cases, it’s actually the opposite because often the DIYer doesn’t know what they’re doing and therefore it takes much longer for them to get it right. Just count how many times you had to repaint the living room walls because they kept going streaky.

DIY blogging just isn’t worth it

When it comes to producing kick-ass content that you’d be proud to share on your website and social media platforms, the same truth applies: a professional freelance copywriter will save you more time and money, and give you a much better result, than doing it yourself.

That’s what they do every minute of their day: write words. A CEO or manager who has a calendar filled with meetings just doesn’t have the time. Well-meaning managers think they’ll be able to quickly whip up a blog after-hours while they’re watching Taskmaster but after a long day at the office, the last thing they feel like doing is sacrificing an extra four hours’ sleep for the sake of their blog.

Save time, hassle & money with a freelance copywriter

A blogs, article or case study written by an in-house staff member who is not a professional writer (and is squeezing it in around all their other work) could take up to 10 hours to pull together. Compare that with a professional freelance copywriter whose bread and butter is literally words, and you could get at least half of those hours back.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how much money you could save if you outsourced your writing needs. Yes: you need to pay a freelance writer to get the job done. But just like hiring a professional painter would have got your living room wall right the first time, a freelance writer will help you save time, hassle … and dollars.

Keen to see how a freelance writer could help your business? Give the friendly team at Lingo a call today – words are what we do.

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