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9 Tips for Wannabe Writerse

9 Tips for Wannabe Writers

Because it’s not always easy to start writing So you like to think you’re a bit of a writer. You dream of writing to make a living; to work when, where, how you want; to be the next JK Rowling;

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Spelling, grammar & punctuation matter to content marketing

Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar Matter to Content Marketing

Because apostrophes are important, dammit We live in a world of extremes when it comes to punctuation and grammar. Half of us couldn’t care less when it comes to apostrophes; the other half would marry one if we could. Urban

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writing pad and pen

3 Easy Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Because even though you’re a genius, sometimes your best ideas get stuck in your brain stem. One of the most demoralising things in the world for people who introduce themselves to strangers as, “I’m a writer,” is not physically being

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What is content marketing?

What the Heck is Content Marketing?

When I was small, My Little Ponies were all the rage. One of my friends had, like, billions of them. I had three – and only one was actually legit (this one). In the moment, I felt like I was

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Does My Business Need a Blog?

If you predominantly rely on the big wonderful world of web for business, the answer is probably yes. “Why?” I hear you ask incredulously. “Isn’t a blog just one of those self-indulgent life stories that details everything someone’s done since

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