What is a Content Strategy?

Content what? ‘Content strategy’ is a daunting term. You’ve already figured out that content makes the digital world go round, but adding on ‘strategy’ conjures up images of boardrooms and planning and numbers and lots of chefs. Fear not: we’re

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What is SEO Lingo

What is SEO & Why Should I Care?

I’ll put my hand up and admit that, when I was just learning, when experts raved on about ROI, EDM, CMS, CPA and pretty much any other marketing-related acronym, I smiled and nodded and pretended I knew what they were talking

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Improve Your SEO Lingo

Five Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO

If your organic traffic has dropped and these days you’re relying on existing clients to come back to you for work rather than new clients you can wow with your pizazz, it’s possible your website could do with a bit

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What is content marketing?

What the Heck is Content Marketing?

When I was small, My Little Ponies were all the rage. One of my friends had, like, billions of them. I had three – and only one was actually legit (this one). In the moment, I felt like I was

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Does My Business Need a Blog?

If you predominantly rely on the big wonderful world of web for business, the answer is probably yes. “Why?” I hear you ask incredulously. “Isn’t a blog just one of those self-indulgent life stories that details everything someone’s done since

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An image of Lingo's Facebook page

How to Keep Your Facebook Page Looking Sexy

OK, so it doesn’t actually come down to sex-appeal, but it is important to keep your Facebook page – and any other social media pages you have on the go – up-to-date and looking as awesome as possible. Why? Well,

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Introducing Lingo, the content creation specialists

Introducing Lingo

Meet Lingo, the newest kid to hit Auckland’s digital content block. But what makes Lingo different? Personality. Lingo’s dripping in it. Lingo likes lollies. Yellow. Flowers. Fun. We have music going on the background, and prefer sitting on beanbags than

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