5 Reasons You Need a Business Blog – Right Now

5 Reasons You Need a Business Blog – Right Now

February 11, 2018

Blog, News, Media, Latest … Whatever you want to call it, they’re all essentially the same: an outlet that enables businesses to share their latest news, views and reviews with their audience in a casual, non-confronting way.

But business blogs are really high-maintenance, right? Nope! A business blog done well is one of the easiest ways to communicate with your customers (and not-yet-customers), set you apart from the rest, improve your SEO and make you look flash and sound awesome. What’s not to like?

A business blog establishes you as an expert in your field

The more you talk about stuff that you know a lot of stuff about, the more people will pay attention to what you have to say. A business blog that’s regularly updated and answers the kinds of questions your target audience asks establishes you as an expert in your field. Creating content that’s insightful and genuinely helpful to the people who read it is one of the best ways to tell the world that you and your business are awesome, because you’re a total boss and everyone should know it.

A business blog can improve your SEO ranking

If someone who lives in Christchurch needs some legal advice for whatever reason (let’s not speculate), and you’re a law firm based in Christchurch, you’d better hope that when they Google ‘Christchurch lawyer’ your business will appear the top of their search results. If it doesn’t, SEO (or search engine optimisation) could help you improve your rankings. Put simply, search engines reward websites for regularly posting unique content, using relevant keywords and answering the questions that online searchers ask by sending your website higher up the list of search results. A business blog helps you tick all three of these boxes, and while it won’t get you on the first page of Google overnight, it’s an easy way to improve your search engine rankings over time.

A business blog sets you apart from your competitors

If none of your competitors has a blog, now’s the perfect time to set one up yourself. A business blog not only lets you communicate with your current clients, it also puts you in front of new customers who might have no idea who you are. If your competitors don’t have a blog outlet, they automatically miss out on this kind of exposure.

A business blog lets you chat with, not just talk to, your customers

Customer communication is generally one-sided; you might send them an email that tells them about a new initiative or create an ad campaign that hopefully someone will read and remember. A business blog lets you talk to your customers in a friendlier, more casual way than many other kinds of communication. Turn on comments and you instantly encourage your audience to chat back.

A business blog is a match made in heaven with social media

If you struggle to create engaging content to post on Twitbooklinkedagram, a blog that’s regularly-updated has already done most of the hard work for you. Posting links to your latest blogs on your various social media accounts sends more traffic to your website, resulting in more brand recognition and leads.

The beauty of a business blog is that you don’t have to manage it yourself – there are crowds out there who are in the business of business blogs. Partner with a small, personalised copywriting agency like Lingo and entrust your blogging needs to someone else. We work with small- and medium-sized Kiwi businesses just like yours to create great, regular content that’s designed to help your customers and set you apart from the rest. The process is simple. We sit down with you to establish your target audience, figure out what tone of voice you’d like your blog to convey and define what kind of content you want to post, then Lingo does the rest.

Need a hand embarking on the world of blogging? Drop Lingo a line today – we’d love to help.

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