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3 Easy Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

November 02, 2014

Because even though you’re a genius, sometimes your best ideas get stuck in your brain stem.

One of the most demoralising things in the world for people who introduce themselves to strangers as, “I’m a writer,” is not physically being able to write anything. It’s not because your computer has died or some nasty person has chopped off your hands – in fact, either of those scenarios would give you a legitimate, albeit bloody annoying, excuse. It’s because, when you sit at your desk with all the willingness to get your great ideas out on paper/Word doc, nothing comes. The regularity of your blinking cursor just reminds you just how much you’ve got left to do, yet you just can’t start. It’s the dreaded Writer’s Block, the one thing that keeps people who say they’re writers from actually writing. Fortunately, it’s easy to beat. Here are our three easy ways to deliver a low-blow to the goolies of writer’s block.

Find inspiration from the last thing you wrote.

If you’re a blogger, re-read your last blog; maybe Part Two in a three-part series needs to be written. If you’re a novelist who’s written three out of 17 chapters yet you’re already stuck, put yourself in the shoes of your character and imagine what they’d do next. If you’re a magazine writer who has a deadline looming but not a lot of inspiration coming up, re-read your brief, write all the factual information you need to include, then go back and sex it up when you’ve got more inspiration. Beat new-found writer’s block into submission by using the same ammunition you used to overcome it last time.

Follow the news.

‘News’ can mean a multitude of things to various people. If you’re a journalist, it’s obvious. If you’re in marketing, the newest blogs and articles from well-respected marketing experts are your news. If you work in health and nutrition, new research about fitness and diet is your news. If you write kids’ books, the latest kids’ books are your news. If you claim to be an expert in something, it’s essential you stay across what everyone else is doing too. Writer’s block ain’t got a hold on anyone who gets inspired by similar work.

Just write.

I knowwwww, when you’ve got writer’s block, you can’t write. But, unless your computer actually has died or some nasty person really has chopped off your hands, you actually can. Determine to write something. Anything. Even if it’s just a duplication of your internal monologue getting more and more frustrated at your un-inspiration. Some of the best stories and ideas come out of frustration.

And if you’re worried you’re just never going to beat writer’s block, you could always ask someone else to do it for you. Contact the Lingo team if you’ve got a writing project that needs to be done.

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